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Tournament Details
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"Good on ya Bev Cheffins, you made the comp fun, serious, friendly and most importantly, catch and release. A credit to you...see you next year!!!
Thanks for a great weekend of the all ladies fishing classic, we 'cat fish queens with barra dreams' had a blast and will differently be back again next year...
Well done, Bev Yeah that's a big call to kick off a comp, especially with those extra barriers. Anyone who's done a few comps would appreciate all the work that's involved - Good luck with it all.

Lake Awoonga Barra Classic  2007


Without the fantastic support of our sponsors we could not have had such a successful and enjoyable event.
Many thanks go to our sponsors:

Shimano, Shakespeare, Basser Millyard, J.M.Gillies, Kokoda, Ugly Fish, River2Sea, Black Pete, Goodger Wind-On Leaders, Otto’s Tackle World, Doug Burt’s Tackle World, Kempsey Signs, South Queensland Charter Services, Australian Fishing Network, Fishing World and Fly Angler, Holland Bros Plumbing (NSW) Pty Ltd.


Category Winners
Champion Senior angler Jodie Diefenbach
Champion Junior angler Shayne Marks
Champion Independent Team Lively Ladies
Champion Skippered Team Blue's Barra Angels
Longest Barramundi on Lure Shayne Marks (Junior) 114.5cm
Longest Barramundi on Fly not won
Best Decorated Boat Catfish Queens with Barra Dreams
Best Dressed Hollywood Star Catherine Cornwell
Early Bird Entry Draw Catfish Queens with Barra Dream
Lucky Angler Draw Jodie Diefenbach
Top Scoring Barramundi
Shayne Marks (J) 114.5cm Barra
Jill Warburton 108.5cm Barra
Jodie Diefenbach 105cm Barra
Shayne Marks (J) 97cm Barra
Barbara Van Der Lelie 84cm Barra
Kim Lewis 81cm Barra
Barbara Van Der Lelie 81cm Barra
Sandra Donovan 81cm Barra
Angela McCarthy 76.5cm Barra
Jodie Diefenbach 76cm Barra
Tayla Hansen 63.5cm Barra
Sandra Donovan 60cm Barra

Hi Ladies,

Well the first Lady Fishers Lake Awoonga Barra Classic 2007 has been and gone and what a fantastic success it was, thanks to all your efforts and fun participation, you were a great group of people and I’d love to see you all again next year.

Thank you all for your wonderful emails.  A lot of hard work had gone into putting it together and I was so pleased it went well.  The weather was perfect, the rain held off until it was over and we had some really exceptional captures and lots of good stories to tell.

My whole concept in putting the ladies competition together was to give ladies the opportunity to get out and have fun and meet other ladies that love fishing and to enjoy what our great country has to offer and Lake Awoonga was just the place.

We were privileged to have ANSA Qld get behind the concept of the Lady Fishers competition with support and advice during its inception.

Peter Stoneley (President of ANSA Qld) presented the anglers with their trophies and Nathan Robson (Secretary of ANSA Qld), the computer guru, took care of the anglers capture photos and running of the slide shows.

Many thanks go to the tireless effort of the members of the Gladstone Sportfishing Club, our ‘Man Slaves’ who were there for us to set up and pull down, check the angler’s on and off the water, act as marshals and film boats and be available to take care of anything we needed.  In the true spirit of ANSA and Sportfishing Clubs in general these guys put their hands up to help out and contributed to make the competition a great success.


The briefing is the social event of the weekend, it’s a chance for everyone to catch up from previous comps and mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.  We will kick off a little earlier next year with the workshops on knots and rigs and casting starting at 1pm in the afternoon to provide the social gathering and pick up a few pointers and then onto the briefing at 6pm.

We will have a slide show of this year’s hilarious events and great captures to show the newcomers what to expect and to have a great laugh at our own expense.  It certainly provided a lot of entertainment this year.

Our ‘Man Slaves’ will be back again next year, they have all put their hands up to do it all again......thanks guys.  These guys are members of the Gladstone Sportfishing Club who worked tirelessly throughout the weekend, affectionately known as our “Bitches”.  Aaron Small was the junior member of the club who provided the workshop on knots and rigs for the ladies and did a great job especially being surrounded by women……..great job Aaron.

Jason Wilhelm will be back again to give another brilliant talk on fishing Lake Awoonga.  His talk was fantastic and I heard that ladies who did as he suggested caught fish.  I was watching from the back of the room and everyone was glued to his every word.  You could have heard a pin drop……thanks Jas…..fantastic.


The sailpast was a spectacular and fun event with teams dressing up in costumes and decorating their boats before parading on the water past the judges.  After the judging of the best decorated boat everyone lined up for the shot-gun start provided by a loud whistle from one of our “Man Slaves”.  The teams had gone to great lengths with the costumes and decorations and team names that only ladies could think of.  Team ‘Quitcha Bitchin’ were dressed as pirates complete with beard, sword and the plastic parrot on the shoulder, ‘Daze Off’ had the skipper dressed as a chauffeur with the hired suit and the ladies with long stemmed glasses of champagne, ‘Lively Ladies’ had the Christmas theme with a very large and heavy Santa and played the tune ‘She’s A Lady’ for all to hear, ‘Tackle Warehouse’ were dressed as angling angels, ‘Wind on Wenches’ were the witches, ‘Barra Belles’ had a ring-in with the skipper wearing balloons under his T-Shirt (there was a stewards enquiry after the sailpast!!), ‘Barra Queens with Catfish Dreams’ took out best decorated boat with a spectacular display of pink wigs, glasses, stickers, balloons and frivolity during the sailpast.

The Sailpast was such a spectacular affair with lots of work and effort going into the costumes and decorations, it was so hard to pick the best decorated boat as you had all put in so much effort, especially with all your hilarious antics, it all makes it a ton of fun.  Next year I am awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for the best decorated boats to save me the agony of choosing the best one, they were all brilliant.

Day 1

Friday was a good day for the ladies with many good hook-ups.  There were two Barra over the metre, one 105cm at 7.30am and the second 108.5cm at 8.00am and many between 60cm 97cm.  There were also many good fish lost.  The ladies talked of their funny and disappointing encounters as they chased big fish through the timbers and lost their favorite lures.

Team ‘Blue’s Barra Angles’  was a last minute entry that had a composite team made up of a junior and her grandfather and a lady on her own that joined them to make up the team.  Shayne Marks was the junior from Calliope and Jill Warburton from Miriam Vale who had never caught a Barra before. 

Shayne had to work at McDonalds on Saturday morning so the team could only fish the Friday and two hours on the Saturday afternoon.  At 8am Jill landed her first ever Barra, a nice 108.5cm caught on a Bandit Prowler 4+ pink/white lure, not bad for your first Barra.  This lure was one from the angler packs supplied by the sponsors.  At 8.20am Shayne landed a 97cm Barra on a Bandit Prowler 6m+ blue/green/yellow from the angler pack also.

Another last minute entry was from another junior Tayla Hansen from team ‘Beauty & the Beast’.  Tayla could only fish the Friday as she was competing in a swimming carnival… keen is that?  Her parents picked her up from the boat ramp on Friday afternoon and drove her to Maryborough, but not before she landed her 63.5 Barra on a white Squidgy.  Well done girls.

Lively Ladies’ angler Jodie Diefenbach landed a 105cm Barra at 7.30am on a Halco lure and Barbara Van Der Lelie landed an 84cm Barra at 4pm on a soft plastic Drop Bear. ‘Daze Off’ angler Kim Lewis landed an 81 cm Barra at 12pm.  Kim reported that she had broken two rods that day, the tip off one and an eyelet off the other……go Kim.  ‘Catfish Queens’ angler Angela McCarthy landed her first ever Barra 76.5cm.  Angela said she has competed in four comps and has never landed a fish so was tickled pink with a Barra as her first ever fish.  She reported that she caught it on a sparkly lure 8m+ trolling at 7 knots on the other side of the dam wall......congratulations Angela.

Day 2

Team ‘Cat Fish Queens with Barra Dreams’ angler Sandra Donovan landed a 60cm at 6.20am and an 83cm at 12pm.  Sandra just happens to be six months pregnant and has told me she will be back next year with baby in tow.   ‘Lively Ladies’ angler Jodie Diefenbach landed a 76cm at 2pm and Barbara Van Der Lelie landed an 81cm at 4pm. Cathy Cornwell (alias Marilyn Monroe) reported that she cast a lure at a large Barra tailing in the weed and the lure came to rest on it’s back and it never flinched….just wasn’t interested…Barra 1…Cathy nil.  ‘Blue’s Barra Angels’ Junior angler Shayne Marks landed a 114.5cm Barra at 4.10pm on a Bandit Prowler 6m+ blue/green/yellow, the same lure she caught the 97cm Barra the day before.  This fish took out the longest Barra on lure category and also won her Champion Junior Angler and Champion Skippered Team.

Presentation Night

Presentation night was the highlight of the weekend with ladies dressing up in all their finery as their favorite Hollywood Movie Star.

We were extremely proud to have the President of ANSA Qld, Peter Stoneley, as the official presenter of the ladies trophies and the many prizes from our generous sponsors.

Cathy Cornwell from team ‘The Muppets’ took out best dressed Hollywood Star with her Marilyn Monroe outfit complete with platinum wig and that famous dress.  She was given a crown and presented with her trophy and prizes.  Team ‘Catfish Queens with Barra Dreams’ took out best decorated boat at the sailpast having the theme of pink from top to toe.  They were presented with their trophy and prizes.

Champion Independent Team (all ladies) was won by ‘Lively Ladies’ with anglers Jodie Diefenbach, Barbara Van Der Lelie and Judy Cox.  These ladies looked stunning in their long clinging black frocks complete with feather boa and diamond tiara.

Champion Skippered Team (male driver) was won by ‘Blue’s Barra Angels’ with anglers Jill Warburton and Shayne Marks (14year old junior)   these ladies were our composite team that we managed to join together at the last moment.  Jill had never caught a Barra before and managed a 108.5cm for her first ever Barra.  Shayne is only a wisp of a girl and managed to land a 114.5cm Barra in the last hour of the comp.

Champion senior Angler went to Jodie Diefenbach form team ‘Lively Ladies’ landing a 105cm and a 76cm Barra.

Champion Junior Angler went to Shayne Marks from team ‘Blue’s Barra Angels’ landing a 114.5cm and 97cm Barra.

Longest Barramundi on Lure went to Shayne Marks for her 114.5cm Barra.  This was the third time Shayne had been called up to collect her trophies and prizes and by this time she was completely overwhelmed with a profusion of tears but managed to perk up with the cheers from the rest of the lady anglers.  The fun and camaraderie of the competition was more than any organizer could ask for and I am sure we will have ourselves a budding little junior angler at all our future Lady Fisher events.   I think little Shayne will remember this weekend for years to come.

The evening ended with lots of goodbye’s and promises of meeting up again at the next Lady Fishers Barra Classic which I am sure will be bigger and better than ever.