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"Good on ya Bev Cheffins, you made the comp fun, serious, friendly and most importantly, catch and release. A credit to you...see you next year!!!
Thanks for a great weekend of the all ladies fishing classic, we 'cat fish queens with barra dreams' had a blast and will differently be back again next year...
Well done, Bev Yeah that's a big call to kick off a comp, especially with those extra barriers. Anyone who's done a few comps would appreciate all the work that's involved - Good luck with it all.

Lake Awoonga Barra Classic 2008


Without the fantastic support of our sponsors we could not have had such a successful and enjoyable event.
Many thanks go to our sponsors:

Pure Fishing Australia, J.M.Gillies Agencies, Egrell Dezignz, Foxies Barra Haven, River2Sea Shogun Australia, Basser Millyard, Fly Angler Publishing, Mad Keen Merchandising, Shimano, Kokoda, Pat's Tackle World, Otto's Tackle World, Holland Bros Plumbing (NSW) Pty Ltd.

With the fishing a lot slower than in the previous year where the ladies were treated to several metre plus barramundi captures, most of which were their personal best and for others their first ever barramundi. This year it was a hard fought tournament with two teams battling it out in the last hours of the tournament with only centimetres dividing the winning teams.
Sheila Challacombe from team 'Daze Off' with fellow team members Kim Lewis and Ruth Williamson was the first angler to have a fish on the brag mat measuring 83 cm. This capture inspired other teams with anglers changing lures and tactics and moving closer to the weed beds and bays where there was some activity.

There was an abundance of good size catfish and most anglers had more than one of these hard hitting brutes take their lures and although not a point scoring fish in the competition, they provided the girls with some great sport fishing action.
The camaraderie between the girls is very inspiring. You know when an angler has landed a fish from the cheers and congratulations coming from the surrounding boats and the more experienced anglers freely giving information and tips to the less experienced anglers who were finding the going tough. This is what makes it such an enjoyable time for the newcomers and although they may have arrived with very little knowledge, they went home with new found knowledge and a really memorable experience.

The briefing on the Thursday evening is a great time for the girls to get together and socialize, catch up with old friends and exchange tales and fishing stories over a few drinks. A sausage sizzle was provided and the girls were treated to an informative talk by champion angler Jason Wilhelm on fishing Lake Awoonga.
The anglers were then briefed on the rules of the tournament before the handing out of the fantastic angler packs provided by the many generous sponsors of the tournament. These packs are great value with each team receiving a tournament bag filled with shirts, caps, truth mats, barra lures, boat stickers and meal tickets for each registered angler to be used at the tournament. Lucky angler draws were also drawn during the evening and the screen show of last year's events provided the entertainment for the evening with screams of laughter coming from the anglers and their guests.

The sail past was once again a spectacular event. This is such a fun and colourful affair that it attracts quite a following from the holiday makers at the nearby parks. At 5am the girls arrive in costume with their decorated boats and back down the long boat ramp. They receive many flattering comments from the male spectators who just can't believe their eyes. The whole bank beside the ramp is taken up with the girls and their boats as they finish off last minute decorations and the noisy banter of friendly rivalry between the teams.
This year the 'Lively Ladies' team had their boat decorated as an Indian camp with a teepee and an Indian Chief in full head gear and the girls dressed as Indian squaws, keeping with the country & western theme of the tournament.

Team 'Beauties & the Beast' came as Halloween, with witches and pumpkins and the skipper wearing a long wig and black cloak. The Pirates were back again, along with the Fishing Fairies, The Cappuccinos, Nelsons Blood and many more.
After the judging of the best decorated boats the girls packed up the decorations, lined up for the shotgun start, then raced across the lake to their favourite spot for the start of fishing.

The captures at the lake had been very quiet leading up to the tournament with very few fish being caught. I think every part of the lake and every technique possible was tried by the girls on day one with little success, although a few teams did have some action, but they didn't manage to stay connected. 'Daze Off' was the only team to score points for the day and some very tired and fishless anglers arrived back at the boat ramp in the afternoon. These ladies are really keen anglers and fish hard. They had been on the water since 5am and were still casting until the cease of fishing at 5pm, but it appeared the barramundi had just shut down for the day.
In the evening the anglers were treated to a great BBQ of steak and eggs, sausages and bacon, salads and drinks by the open fire. After a long day on the water it was an early night for the ladies who were keen to be on the water again at 5am as it was the last day of fishing and they were keen to get some points on the board.

With weather conditions that could only be described as perfect the girls were on the water at first light and reports of captures of good size barra were soon coming in. The first fish of the day was caught by Barbara Van Der Lelie from team 'Lively Ladies' at 6.57am measuring 87cm. This was soon followed by a nice 84cm at 7.10am by angler Kim Lewis from team 'Daze Off'. Next off the mark was Jodie Diefenbach with a 95cm at 7.49am, followed by another 82cm at 8.10am.

The girls had found the barra in a bay not far from the boat ramp. Word soon got around and other boats came over and worked the area. The competition was close with two teams battling it out to the finish. The final capture for the day came from Kim Lewis from team 'Daze Off'. Kim managed a 91cm barra in the afternoon. With the teams with three good size barra each, it was a nervous wait before the digital cameras were uploaded and measurements checked and points put on the capture board.
Champion Team went to 'Lively Ladies', with team 'Daze Off' a very close second. Points were awarded for the total length of the fish and there was a difference of 10 points separating the two teams. Champion Angler went to Jodie Diefenbach and Champion Angler Runner Up went to Kim Lewis with only 2cm of total length of fish between the two leading anglers. Longest Barramundi on Lure went to Jodie Diefenbach with a 95cm barra, closely followed by Kim Lewis with a 91cm barra. Third placing went to Barbara Van Der Lelie with an 87cm.

Presentation night is the highlight of the weekend with ladies arriving in their Country & Western outfits. 'Lively Ladies' came as Indian squaws and their partners as Indian braves. The country theme was fantastic with lots of hay bales, saddles, bridles, branding irons and stockman's camp to add an authentic Country & Western atmosphere. To help lift the spirits of the fishless anglers, many lucky angler draws were held throughout the evening with most of the anglers receiving some great prizes.
With the fishing over the girls relaxed and enjoyed a few drinks around the campfire before the Presentation dinner of hot roast chicken, salads and sweets followed by coffee and cold drinks.
With the meal out of the way it was time for the presentations of trophies and prizes to the winners in each category. Peter Stoneley (President of ANSA Qld) gave an encouraging speech to the ladies for their success and sporting efforts during the tournament.
The girls received some exceptional prizes from the many generous sponsors of the tournament.

The lucky angler draws provided a real treat for the anglers who had tried so hard and put in such a big effort over the two days. Prizes for the lucky angler draws consisted of Mad Keen T-Shirts and boat stickers, Kokoda lures and thongs. Bandit lures and Foxies Barra Haven lure packs.

The major lucky draw of an Egrell BeaR Range B8-6 rod was won by Shara Vanhaeren from Biloela.

Champion Angler was won by Jodie Diefenbach from team 'Lively Ladies'

Jodie received an Egrell BeaR Range B8-5 rod from Eric & Deb Egrell. A Gillies Deluxe Carry All Bag from J.M.Gillies, Stren superbraid from Pure Fishing and River 2 Sea Lures.

Champion Angler Runner Up was won by Kim Lewis from team 'Daze Off'

Kim received an Egrell BeaR Range B8-5 rod from Eric & Deb Egrell. A Shimano Boat Bag, Stren superbraid from Pure Fishing and River 2 Sea Lures.

Champion Team was won by anglers Jodie Diefenbach, Barbara Van Der Lelie, Judy Cox and Cassy Pearson from team 'Lively Ladies'.

Each lady received a Pflueger Lady Trion Rod & Reel Combo, Ugly Stik Pink Cap, River 2 Sea Black Bass and lures, Berkley Mullet pack and Fins Braid.

Longest Barramundi on Lure - Three highest point scoring fish went to:

1st place - Jodie Diefenbach with a 95cm barra.
Jodie received an ABU Pinkmas Baitcast combo, Berkley Box Wallet and Ugly Stik Pink Cap from Pure Fishing, River 2 Sea Black Bass and lures.

2nd place - Kim Lewis with a 91cm barra.
Kim received a Berkley Box Wallet and Ugly Stik Pink Cap from Pure Fishing and River 2 Sea lures.

3rd place - Barbara Van Der Lelie with an 87cm barra.
Barbara received a Berkley Box Wallet and Ugly Stik Pink Cap from Pure Fishing and River 2 Sea lures.

Early Entry Prize went to team 'Quitcha Bitchin with anglers Judy Williams and Shara Vanhaeren.

The girls received 2 Buffs from Mark Bantich of Fly Angler Publishing, Fins Braid from J.M.Gillies and River 2 Sea lures.

Best Decorated Boats went to Lively Ladies, Quitcha Bitchin and Beauty and the Beast. Each team received a Foxies lure pack, River 2 Sea and Bandit Lures.

Best Country & Western Costume went to Barbara Van Der Lelie. Barbara received a Foxies Barra Haven lure pack and Berkley Mullet pack.