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"Good on ya Bev Cheffins, you made the comp fun, serious, friendly and most importantly, catch and release. A credit to you...see you next year!!!
Thanks for a great weekend of the all ladies fishing classic, we 'cat fish queens with barra dreams' had a blast and will differently be back again next year...
Well done, Bev Yeah that's a big call to kick off a comp, especially with those extra barriers. Anyone who's done a few comps would appreciate all the work that's involved - Good luck with it all.

Please download and read an article written by Bev on Lady Fishers and Women Anglers.


"A Ladies Guide To Game Fishing"

Ladies Guide to Fishing

Lake Awoonga Lady Fishers

Queensland Weekender
Lake Awoonga Lady Fishers Lake Awoonga Lady Fishers
Lake Awoonga is a fishing mecca located 30km outside of Gladstone. Year after year, huge barra are pulled out of its waters and women aren’t shying away when it comes to hauling in the big ones. Once a year the lake plays host to the Lady Fishers All Girl Fishing Classic. ‘The Lively Ladies’ are three time champions of the event. The girls are based on the Sunshine Coast but make the trek up the coast to enjoy the beauty and bounty that Awoonga offers.
Lake Awoonga Lady Fishers Lake Awoonga Lady Fishers
Barra nudging 30 kilos have been caught in the waters of Awoonga so it’s not just the girls throwing in a line. To get a base as close as possible to the action on the dam try the Lake Awoonga Caravan Park. Sites start at $18 and there is also cabin accommodation from $75 a night. It’s a popular spot so be sure to book ahead, especially during peak times.